Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Drive-by - a quick look.

Stopped by today for a quick sneak peek. Here's the latest pics...

Found some more of the money I left at RiteRug...but I got BOTH of these for less than
  the cost of  1 cable jack. No I'm not obsessed with the cable jack prices ;)

Jenn said she took this picture specifically for Thomas.

Clearly Norm Abram is not doing the carpentry.
 Luckily I am pretty sure he is not following the blog either.

The banisters are installed and a big improvement over those  temporary
rails. These will get painted to match the hardwood floor at some point.

The now famous bonus room closet with 2 doors.
Still pointing up the Alcove!

I have no idea what I'm staring at here.


  1. Why doesn't my attick come with stairs? =(

    1. Our attic doesn't have stairs either because we did not pay to have it finished for storage.

  2. Love the corner shelves in the shower! We did not get any nor were they offered. Definitely falls under the category of woulda, coulda, shoulda.

  3. It is like salt in the wounds seeing that ladder with you on it Stuart! ;-) It would have been nice if they offered that in this area (we do not have the utilities upstairs or in the attic), but I did find a ladder that could be put in after the fact.

    It does look like they tried to put some wood filler in there on that split trim piece to make it "OK" o.0