Saturday, July 21, 2012

They turned it on!

   And how could I forget, yesterday was one of the last exciting pre-closing moments, POWER! The A/C was cranked up and it was frosty in there, the way I like it! Seeing the house lit up just brought it all to life. I didn't take any pictures because the cleaning crew was in there.  I couldn't help but think of the below theme song, which unless you are from, or originated up North, will have no idea what this television program is, I may be revealing my age here.

Floor / carpet threshold trim added. Home Inspection complete.

     Earlier I spoke of the issue that where the hardwood meets the carpet was very uncomfortable if you step on it. The hardwood had a tall edge on it where you could easily snag your foot. Ryan gave me a couple of options here. I could get the matching Bruce Hardwood threshold strips, but, they only come in 6 ft. strips. That would mean that each piece could be different color varations when joined. The other option which I chose was to have solid custom strips stained to match. I have tested these with my shoes off and the problem is solved. It also looks to me like this will prevent carpet fraying at the edge as it did in my old house.
     Also I want to encourage all of you to hire a home inspector. I don't care how good you think your eyes are, or how closely you've followed the build, you cannot match the experience of a "Good" home inspector.  I had mine done yesterday and I actually had entertained cancelling. I was thinking, I've seen this house almost every day from board #1 to the finished product.  I thought I knew it in and out. The report has some 25 items in it. I will say that the inspector said Ryan did a quote "Stellar" job on this house and he said my report is actually small.  While there were no "Show stoppers" on the report, many of the things he found would have cost me money at some point. When you look at the what you are investing in your house, the few hundred dollars for an inspection is a drop in the bucket. So there is my commercial for Home Inspectors.

Threshold trim where kitchen meets Great Room

Threshold trim where Great Room meets Foyer.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

ONE more week!

     If you haven't noticed the countdown timer, there are only 7 more days until closing!  I was supposed to have closed June 29, but ran into a delay. Things are on track though for the old house and the new house!   It will be chaos at the Verona the first few days. I have my PODs scheduled to show up the day of closing. Over the next 3 days after closing all kinds of activities will occur:
  1. Unload 2 PODs.  My stuff has been in PODs much longer than planned so I'm concerned about what condition it will be in.
  2. Lowes to install the garage door opener.
  3. Split rail fence to be installed in backyard.
  4. Transfer my cable service including digital phone, internet service and of cable TV. Most importantly the DVRs will be set up.
  5. A doggie door will be installed through the wall next to the sliding door in the morning room. If you are nervous about putting the first nail in your fresh walls, I'm actually going to cut a hole in the house! I am getting the same pet door as in my current home, which I believe is the best money can buy. Hale Pet Doors These are not the flimsy plastic doors you see in the pet stores. 
  6. Also bringing in the people who did the wire shelving in the closets. I'm going to make a couple of changes to them. The one definite one is turning the coat closet in the mudroom to more of a pantry with 4 or 5 tiers of shelves.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Landscaping done this week!

Landscaping is complete and I'm really pleased. They do sod in the front and the sides, seed in the back, which has a snowball's chance of growing in 100 degree weather. Here's another randomized set of pictures taken today! Closing is July 27. I'm anxious for the ride to come to a complete stop so I may disembark!  
That's right, yet ANOTHER Verona going up next to me on the left. 

This patch of sod will be behind the fence and was a special request by my dogs. It was honored :)

Shiny new trash can. It has that new trash can smell!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The four sides of a Verona

Went back today with the good camera. I thought the stone work deserved some more megapixels. At this point all that is missing is the shutters on the left and the porch columns.

Yet another Verona going up next to me.