Thursday, July 19, 2012

ONE more week!

     If you haven't noticed the countdown timer, there are only 7 more days until closing!  I was supposed to have closed June 29, but ran into a delay. Things are on track though for the old house and the new house!   It will be chaos at the Verona the first few days. I have my PODs scheduled to show up the day of closing. Over the next 3 days after closing all kinds of activities will occur:
  1. Unload 2 PODs.  My stuff has been in PODs much longer than planned so I'm concerned about what condition it will be in.
  2. Lowes to install the garage door opener.
  3. Split rail fence to be installed in backyard.
  4. Transfer my cable service including digital phone, internet service and of cable TV. Most importantly the DVRs will be set up.
  5. A doggie door will be installed through the wall next to the sliding door in the morning room. If you are nervous about putting the first nail in your fresh walls, I'm actually going to cut a hole in the house! I am getting the same pet door as in my current home, which I believe is the best money can buy. Hale Pet Doors These are not the flimsy plastic doors you see in the pet stores. 
  6. Also bringing in the people who did the wire shelving in the closets. I'm going to make a couple of changes to them. The one definite one is turning the coat closet in the mudroom to more of a pantry with 4 or 5 tiers of shelves.


  1. Woo Hooooooo! In one week your life is going to start doing somersaults. Have fun with it!

  2. Awesome, the countdown is On!! Getting in the house is one thing and than there are the many post closing projects. I keep reading item #5 and wondering how to pull the doggie door off. I would like to see someone come out and install it but I also have no idea where it can go. We don't plan to get the deck until later because we need the fence. Good luck on your move!!!!

  3. So where are you going to hang coats? I know you probably don't need them much of the year, but one of my "hang-ups" about the Verona was the lack of a coat closet near the front door.
    I give you props for cutting a hole in the wall right away. I'm still debating nail holes for pictures as I don't like to change my mind and have to repair them!
    Good luck with the closings!

    1. There will be coat hooks in the mudroom and I also the closet under the stairwell is big enough for that purpose too. I will post pics of the dog door project! Hale Pet Doors lets you pick colors for it. Hmmm. Arizona Beige is one but I don't like the sound of that! LOL. Think I'll go with white.

    2. Ah, I forgot that you had a closet under the stairs as we have a basement. I think I would be afraid of anything with the word "beige" in it! LOL! I would go with white, too. Much safer.

    3. if you are nervous with nail holes. Consider two options. One - build a picture shelf -
      B - consider 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips. Work great and easily removed if you don't like the final results.

  4. Good luck Stuart! Everything has come together beautifully!