Thursday, February 21, 2013

Latest tweak!

      Things are going well in "Verona Alley."   No major issues with the house. Ryan has been amazingly responsive to any warranty requests that have come up. Usually within one day, my request is acknowledged and promptly addressed.  All builders will be your best friend during the build, but it's after the build that counts the most. I hope this doesn't sound like a paid commercial  lol but I really need to recognize Ryan Homes for the service I've received.

     Here's the latest tweaks in the kitchen. Pendant lights added above the center island. I'm very pleased with these. Also had under-cabinet lighting added as well. I went with good old fashioned fluorescent lights because they are cheap to operate and run very cool. Other types of lights produce quite a bit of heat and can affect things inside the cabinets.

Meet Cocoa and Carmen, the newest residents of the house.