Saturday, July 21, 2012

Floor / carpet threshold trim added. Home Inspection complete.

     Earlier I spoke of the issue that where the hardwood meets the carpet was very uncomfortable if you step on it. The hardwood had a tall edge on it where you could easily snag your foot. Ryan gave me a couple of options here. I could get the matching Bruce Hardwood threshold strips, but, they only come in 6 ft. strips. That would mean that each piece could be different color varations when joined. The other option which I chose was to have solid custom strips stained to match. I have tested these with my shoes off and the problem is solved. It also looks to me like this will prevent carpet fraying at the edge as it did in my old house.
     Also I want to encourage all of you to hire a home inspector. I don't care how good you think your eyes are, or how closely you've followed the build, you cannot match the experience of a "Good" home inspector.  I had mine done yesterday and I actually had entertained cancelling. I was thinking, I've seen this house almost every day from board #1 to the finished product.  I thought I knew it in and out. The report has some 25 items in it. I will say that the inspector said Ryan did a quote "Stellar" job on this house and he said my report is actually small.  While there were no "Show stoppers" on the report, many of the things he found would have cost me money at some point. When you look at the what you are investing in your house, the few hundred dollars for an inspection is a drop in the bucket. So there is my commercial for Home Inspectors.

Threshold trim where kitchen meets Great Room

Threshold trim where Great Room meets Foyer.


  1. Looks great! Which hardwood floor is that?

    1. Nevermind, I think you already said before. It's the same one we got! The saddle, right?

    2. Yep, Saddle! I can't deny you get a cleaner look without the strips but given how awful it felt to step on the edge of the wood, this was a fair trade-off. It's much more barefoot friendly.