Sunday, June 3, 2012

Here's a solid update for Y'all.

     Solid as granite, that is! The Granite is installed and it looks good. We lifted the protective covering to sneak a couple of pictures. All the racks are installed in the closets.  A couple of those racks I will end up tearing out, but for now I took the default installation of the "Ventilated wire shelves."  The A/C unit was installed. I like the positioning of the unit in the nook created by the morning room and the back of the house. I also did a little scraping of clumps on the floor so they don't end up getting carpeted over. The bathroom floors are tiled and the linoleum is in the laundry room. Please excuse the randomness of the order in pictures. The editor is being fussy tonight.
I definitely believe I have enough counter space now. Definitely will be bar stool shopping. I like the ones Rachel  got!   You can easily use this counter as a dinner table.

Sneak peak!
Bathroom Tile Floor.
Linen Closet in Laundry Room
The pantry...reserved for several cases of diet coke.
Bonus Room closet with a very long shelf. Shame I'm gonna rip it out later
Linoleum in Laundry room.
There it is, the Comfortmaker A/C with a "Whopping" 3.5 tons. I'm baffled on how
this is going to be enough given my current home has a 4 ton unit with 700 sq. ft less than the new house.
Tankless water heater. I would have preferred this in the garage but I had no choice.
 It's getting very "Busy" on the side of the house.
Second bathroom tile floor.

The Pecan tree is inside my property line!


  1. The granite countertop and the kitchen sink basin. That pecan tree is definitely a bonus!

  2. Looks great! There is definitely enough counter space. I knew I wanted backless stools, but the saddle seat ones seems a little narrow. I like how the ones I got fit around and under the peninsula.

    I really like how you have the island and peninsula. The model we visited did not have the island, and so it was hard to visualize what it would look like with one. I'm sure I will regret not adding it, so I'll be adding a custom one in the near future.

    1. I notice a difference on your counter. They didn't use a backsplash on the side against the pantry wall. I didn't get a picture but the side piece that butts up against the pantry wall reveals a nice bow on that wall. I smell a thick bead of caulk in my future.

    2. I asked that they not put the sidesplash on. I saw pictures of what it looks like with the upgraded laminate, and I did not like the way the sidesplash does not match the contour of the counter. PM did me a solid and managed to not need them. We had an issue with the backsplash behind the kitchen sink. It touched on both ends and had a half inch gap in the middle. It took a while with adding mud, but now it looks great and you can't tell. PM gave us an explanation for why the walls don't seem square when there are angled walls (something about having to add mud to them...don't really remember right now), but once they are finished, everything appears square and the backsplashes are flush. And yes, there will be a lot of caulk!

    3. Ah, that explains it. I'm expecting the forklift any day with a pallet of caulk.

    4. It's really interesting that no one likes the Backsplash or Sidesplash? I really don't like it and during my Walkthough I may just bring it up to take it off because I kinda think it's hideous =)

      On a side note, It looks really great in there Stuart!

  3. Awesome counters! You house looks great!

  4. Everything is looking awesome!

    Questions for you blogger builders: Noticed that this A/C unit is on a slab. In our area they've started to attach them to the house. Anyone know what difference it makes? Climate-related?