Thursday, June 7, 2012

Concrete Progress

     Here's the latest! All kinds of stuff happened this week. Plumbing, counter tops, electrical, concrete decking, flooring and tomorrow is carpeting.  Here's lots of pictures totally randomized by the blogger editor. I gave up fighting it. 
Got the pull out faucet. I'm not sure I knew I was getting it or just forgot.

Porch lights.
Looking down at the deck from upstairs.
Just checking the height! LOL
The laundry tub has been moved over away from the side wall as originally planned. Much better!
Master bath with the wheat granite and light fixture installed

Bathroom faucet.
Bathroom lights
The tile work in the bathroom has been corrected, looks excellent now.
Shower stall installed this week.
Looking out Master Bedroom
How many lights does it take to light a hallway Mr Owl....3
Crawl door
LOVE the hardwood flloor! Please leave your shoes  by the mailbox.

Almost enough space under that deck to park a car.
Mailbox and solicitor tube.
And there's the driveway. I added a lot of concrete.  If you haven't heard, Ryan is very reasonable on concrete, it's not worth hiring someone after the fact.

I wasn't aware I was getting a sidewalk originally but I'll take it, even less to mow.

Walk from driveway to porch

Lots of room on the porch, can't wait to use it!
I added this concrete. Linked the driveway to the deck.  This comes in very handy in rain and there is going to be red clay issues for a while until grass grows.

You can see I added quite a bit of concrete here. Easily park cars without blocking the garage. 

Another view of the porch
With the walkway and sidewalk I can probably mow with one of those no-engine manual mowers...LOL
Mirror mirror on the wall
Yes its another picture of the bonus room closets but now with door handles
You're overdue for an alcove picture.

I think everyone has the same one?

Canyon creek linoleum in laundry room. I see the shoe molding is installed.

Jenn's hamster room. She has claimed this room for her woMAN cave.


  1. Very very cool. I like the john photos.

  2. Did you add the extra concrete during the selection stage or while your house was already under construction?

    1. I added the concrete during the selection stage. I think it was $6 per sq ft, very fair price. If you add concrete later, as I did in my current home, it won't match and you will always see the add-on.

    2. I know it won't match if we have it later. It's not something I thought about during the selection process though. I have read some blogs where they were able to work out a side deal before the concrete was poured to have more added. I might look into this.

  3. Thanks for all the pictures. That is a good spread! I did laugh about the hallway lights (Mr. Owl), it is going to be well lighted up there! That is some nice concrete paths there too, good thinking.

  4. Smart idea adding the extra concrete! You did a great job with that one! It looks absolutely fabulous!

  5. I wish we had been able to add the extra concrete, but our PM said no. Love the deck, walkways and extra room in the driveway. Well planned! I laughed when I first saw the hallway in our house and realized there were three lights. Seems like a bit of overkill, but it does make it plenty bright at night. Lookin' good!

  6. Super idea about the concrete path around to the rear. Great for entertaining. Let all your blogger friends know when we can show up for that first backyard bbq ;)

  7. Your house is awesome! The extra concrete was a great idea and I love all of your selections

  8. Looking good! We have the pull out faucet as well. It's an upgrade that you have to get when you have the under-mounted sink/granite.

  9. I have the same faucet in my kitchen in SC...I like it...unless there's issues i'm unaware of.