Thursday, May 24, 2012

It's all about what's inside!

     Lots more room in the garage today because lots of stuff has gotten installed. It was pretty much pandemonium in the house today and I'm sure I was probably in the way so I grabbed some pictures real quick and got out of there!  The kitchen cabinets are installed, all 3 bathroom vanities, some doors, trim and moldings. Likin' the granite in the master bath which was a last minute decision to upgrade!
Maple Cognac in the Kitchen.

Center Island, pantry in back. I guess now is a good time to measure that
 refrigerator opening to confirm my new one will fit.

Got that funky folding door for the corner.

Utilitiy Room.
Corner thingies, I don't know what you call them but they looked cool so I got them.
Master Bath with Cherry Bordeaux and Wheat Granite Counter top.
Cherry Bordeaux in the secondary bathroom.
Powder Room
The new 2 panel door.


  1. I am going to have to query about the funky folding door to see if we have that as well instead of a Lazy Susan (sorry Susan).

    Are the attic stairs in yet?! :-)

    1. The attic stairs were on the floor under the opening, I assume will be installed any moment. The funky door is cool, if it stays aligned. Seems like something that could need adjustment at some point.

  2. We have the funky folding door with a lazy Susan inside! The nice part about our set up is that you only have to turn the shelf that you want and you may not have to turn anything at all to reach what you need. Right now, if the kids open our too fast since the door is attached, everything goes flying.

    Looking good, Stuart!

  3. Love the wheat granite in your master bathroom~looks fabulous! Great choices!