Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Drywall: In progress

I stopped by this evening and the drywall guys were hard at work.

Pantry / kitchen
Morning Room. Apparently some additional tree clearing going on,
 not sure why, but fine with me. Notice the windows are tinted, thats part of
the energy star 3.0 certification. 
Morning Room side windows

One of several views showing the arch!

Dining room entrance (well actually it will be a den)

The Arch. Left of the arch is the study. Right of the arch is the guest bedroom.


Standing in study.

Front Guest Bedroom Closet.

Yet another shot of the bathtub.

Standing in Front Bedroom.

Stairwell wall in Great Room.

Standing in Morning Room

Bonus Room directly at top of stairs. Nice easy path to carry my very heavy treadmill up there.

The Alcove and notice no holes in the walls!
 The fire access panels WILL be in the garage! YES!!!!!

The Thomas Triangle.

Utility Closet  and that's my office on the right.

Master Bedroom. 

Laundry Room. Sink goes on left.

Attic access in laundry room.

I think this is bedroom 4, the one designated for Jenn's hamsters.

My Home office.
Ply Gem Series 2000 Windows


  1. That is awesome! I noticed the drywallers left their stilts. Did you take them for a spin?

    1. I was wondering what those were.

    2. I would likely take them for a spin to the ground if I tried them.

  2. Wow! That was fast! I've never heard of the windows being tinted.

    1. You know I have not seen that in the pictures yet either. Interesting, I think I will ask the PM about that to see if we are getting them too.

    2. I don't know if the tinting is advertised but you can clearly see the tint if you open the windows half-way and look at the sky. I'm adding a picture of the specs to the bottom of the drywall pics.

  3. That made me laugh to have a picture specifically taken of the triangle of empty space!

    Some official orator speaks the words...
    "We deem this now to be henceforth known as, The Thomas Triangle."

    1. I think it every time now I see it now. My theory is it's to make the door open wider. I have a couple of those in my current home.

  4. Wow-it's really coming along. Every time I see your site updated the house takes leaps!

  5. Ryan's windows are definitely tinted. It isn't as obvious from inside, but someone standing outside can't see well inside your house. At night, with the interior lights on, of course, is a different story. We were pleasantly surprised to see that when our windows were put in. They help protect those beautiful hardwood floors, too. House is really coming along -- it looks awesome! Love that arch!!!

  6. It's pretty sweet to follow along with your blog. Our house is about three weeks behind yours in the construction phase, so it is exciting to see what's just ahead. The drywall looks great - I hope they get the trim resolved soon for you too.