Friday, May 18, 2012

Garage of Goodies!

     If you are ahead of me on the build, you probably know how exciting it is to see newly delivered stuff sitting in the garage! I'm not sure what was in all the boxes but I see the double bowl sink including the granite sink for the master bath, attic stairs, interior 2-panel doors, banister and flooring. The drywall work is coming along great! I had my weekly update and am told next week we will see primer on the walls and I can expect a driveway! This walking over rocks and red clay is getting old.

Double Bowl for second upstairs bedroom.
Got the new 2 panel style doors! 
Had to open the box and take a sneak peak at the Wheat Granite Counter-top for Master bath.
Attic Door steps for the laundry room access.
Drywall looking good. Here's the double closet in the Bonus Room.

Stairwell Banister. This will be painted Saddle to match the Bruce Hardwood floor.
Well even if you are bored of pictures of the Alcove, I'm not...LOL

Master BR



  1. Replies
    1. I'm especially pleased that they didn't put the access panels in there!

  2. The attic stairs make me envious.

  3. Love the 2 panel doors! We are the first in our neighboorhood to get them!

  4. It's like being a kid a Christmas:) It won't be long and all of those goodies will be in place in your home!

  5. Love the alcove too! Have you decided what to put in there? Looks like the perfect spot for a big chair, glass of wine and a good book.

    1. Not really sure yet. I have a large treadmill that I use every day and I am thinking about backing it in there so I can face out and see the big screen TV that is still in storage at Costco..LOL There will probably be a couch in the middle and my computer work station between the windows. There will be a lot going on in that room which is one of the reasons I chose the Verona, for its bonus room.