Friday, April 27, 2012

Windows and Doors Galore!

Looks like the framers have finished today!  Since yesterday all the windows and doors are installed. I exercised incredible self control to not go in past the garage so Jenn can be there for the first venture into the house! I had my weekly PM call today. I only had a few questions today. Had to make sure I get the arch! Things moving very fast. Next week is plumbing and electrical then the pre-drywall meeting. Also worthy of note, I noticed Ryan has updated their website so the virtual tour and floor plans are now updated for the new style Verona. The PDF floor plan now includes the arch :)


  1. Very nice! Dont you feel like a proud papa? :)

  2. Looks terrific! Love that front porch!

  3. Looking like a sweet house! I like the proportions of it.