Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pre-construction meeting - done!

Well as I mentioned, I had a pretty large list of questions which I got from the blogs and every single one of them was addressed by my PM today. The meeting took a good 3 hours.  He was very thorough. We spent quite a bit of time on electrical options. Yes he even let us make changes on half-hots. I forget which blog I "Stole" it from but the front porch light switch will control the coach lights on the garage too. Here's a tip for you. The sideload garage only includes one coach light. If you want two, it is considered an upgrade ($).  I added a few outlets - one in the garage for the work bench, one in the owner walk-in closet, one on the ceiling of the bonus room closet (for a light) and a dedicated circuit in the bonus room for the treadmill.  Tomorrow he will start the footings.
       Looks like a mid-late June closing. So now the only remaining challenge is to find a place to stay for a month. My current house sold quickly so I will have about a 3 or 4 week gap with no home. I couldn't convince them to let me live in the model.


  1. Mid-late June closing?!? That's only two months away! How exciting!

  2. Glad your meeting went well and you were able to make the changes you wanted. What was the final verdict on the access panels? The panels weren't in when we went the one time and last time they were busy putting insulation in when we were there for our pre-drywall meeting.

  3. I can't say the panels are guaranteed in stone but he was confident. I actually contacted a county building inspector on my own and it looks like they are working with him. My SR mentioned the county inspector needs to put in writing that they are okay with the panels. The inspector told me that code states the panels must exist, but does not state that they must be on the wall.
    Interestingly, when I went into the meeting, the panels were the #1 issue on my mind, but when we actually walked my lot, a new issue became #1. My lot backs up to woods, which separates me from farmland. If that farmland ever gets developed I have a barrier. What I didn't realize is those woods are 30 feet deep and that 30 feet is part my lot. So this made my usable back yard a good bit little less deep than I was hoping. The PM agreed to clear some of the brush for me which will give me 10 more feet of yard. So I'm pleased with him already! He even agreed to do this after I "Tortured" him with my blog notes :)

  4. Score for you! Its great that you have a flexible PM, good luck! --Ericka