Saturday, April 7, 2012

"Cleared" for take-off!

      I  stopped by the model today to make a couple of more minor changes and discovered clearing has begun. Wednesday is the pre-construction meeting. There were some rather angry fire ants on the lot whose mounds got bulldozed!  I think my SR Rachelle got bitten (sorry). Still haven't been to Guardian, but other than coax jacks and data ports, I won't be getting any of their packages.

I've lost track of the change orders, but here's what has changed recently:
  • Deleted the fireplace
  • Went with the sliding door to morning room instead of double 15-panel doors.
  • Added Granite (Wheat) to the Owner Bathroom Vanity
  • Riterug - Tiled all 3 bathrooms
  • Deleted Oak Steps and went for carpeted pine with oak banisters painted Saddle.
  • Deleted "Finish Drywall" in garage
  • Added extra hosebib
  • Added concrete to expand driveway towards back of house and connect to the deck as well.
  • Added a few A/C outlets

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  1. Oh vey which means a martini tonight