Wednesday, April 4, 2012

RiteRug - The results are in!

     Today was the RiteRug meeting and I have to say it went pretty well. We met with Debra at the Charlotte, NC location. It was a much better experience than I expected. I felt no sales pressure at all.  If anything I pressured myself on upgrades!  I truly believe that the blogs were a big help in helping to prepare for this meeting. I even brought my Buyer's Agent (Amy) along for added comfort!
     First, let me tell you this. If you think you are going to RiteRug and thinking you are not spending a penny, you are probably in for a surprise. I felt that I was disciplined but I am sure I affected the mortgage payment a tad after the upgrades that I didn't think I needed or wanted. So they got me! And they'll get you too :)

     So lets talk about the choices. First let me say I am terrible at this stuff. I can handle things like half-hots and data ports, but colors? Forget it.  This was left to Jenn and Amy (Buyer's agent / Laywer / counselor). 


     The winner in this category was Bruce Hardwood Manchester Saddle for the kitchen, morning room and foyer. On the right you can see the flooring with the Maple Cognac cabinet, the Santa Cecilia granite and the carpet. Jenn and Amy said this works so if you don't like it, blame them :) If you do like it, well I'll take credit for giving "Approval" of the decisions...LOL!

  Here's links to the flooring on the Ryan website and Bruce websites.

 The winner in this category was Level 1 Shaw Flooring Collinsville 200 Moonlit Path. 
Padding will be 8 pound throughout, but contemplating the waterproof padding which is a pricey upgrade.

Here are links to the Carpeting:

Laundry Room Flooring
     The Winner here was Canyon Creek  94630 Vinyl by Armstrong. It says "Good" so I guess it's good.  I couldn't find this one on the Ryan designer site. According to the Armstrong site it's called Stony River - Sun Kissed Beige. This is an upgrade from the base Vinyl, probably the cheapest upgrade you can do.
Here is a link to the flooring:
Armstrong Flooring

Owner's Bath
     The winner for the tile floor was Daltile Stratford Place series "Willow Branch SD92"

Links to tile floor
Ryan Website (click on Willow Branch)

Grout for above Tile

Tile surround for Owner Bath
Listello SA52 (4 rows)
Link to surround

Also added 2 ceramic corner caddies to Owner Bath.

Second bathroom and downstairs bathroom

Tile Floor
12 x 12 Daltile Sierra Vail

Link to Daltile Website
Ryan Website (click on Vail)

The Winner here was white 6 x 6 tile surround with Ivy surround for both bathrooms.


  1. Great choices! And good call on bringing back-up! Always good to have a few set of eyes for things like that!

  2. Love your selections! They are going to look great together.