Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Starting to look like a Verona!

 Looks like they've been busy today. Yesterday there were only 2 small walls for the garage. I"m curious why there is a cutout for a fireplace given that I am not getting a fireplace. I guess that's a question for the PM.



Left Side

Hmm, what's that hole in the middle that looks like a fireplace? I didn't get the fireplace.


  1. Great progress! Oops on the fireplace. Probably one of those changes that didn't get through, kind of like our siding change. Looks great!

  2. I'm more concerned about how they will fix the extra hole. I'm picturing a big patch with caulk.

  3. I'm sure they won't use caulk....

  4. If the fireplace suddenly appears would you complain? Weve had lots of positive oops on our build and all in our favor, I dont know that I would make a big deal out of it, unless you really dont want one at all.

  5. We definitely don't want it due to the limitations it puts on the room arrangement. I also don't like how it bumps out on the deck.

  6. Update: Well I'm told today that the panel for the fireplace was pre-constructed in advance before my change order to delete the fireplace. They will frame it out below the fireplace header. I guess I will feel better when I see how neatly this is done. For now, I feel like a giant patch is being put on the house.