Sunday, March 25, 2012

Things should pick up this week!

It's been a slow couple of weeks with no activity. My lot had not yet been officially acquired and my SR was on vacation. The cool thing is it allowed lots of time to dwell on upgrade choices and watch the progress in other blogs. I will definitely be making a few changes to the selections.


  1. The blogs helped us so much when it came to knowing what questions to ask, what options were must-haves and what we could do without. Can't wait to follow your progress! Hope you are able to get the access panels moved to the garage :)

  2. Rachel, Ryan is asking me to provide an example state / subdivision(s) where they did access panels in garage. They are willing to do it as long as it meets code here. It sounds like it won't be a problem once its verified with the building codes in North Carolina. Thanks!