Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Will this be what it's like at Rite-Rug?

Is this what I should expect at Rite-Rug when I ask "So what can I have for Level 1?"


  1. LOL-haven't seen that movie in ages!

  2. The choices at the Rite-Rug (in Charlotte) were more plentiful than I had though. Yes - the lower levels are pretty bottom of the barrel but I had built in the upgraded carpet and flooring into the price so there wasn't too much sticker shock for me there. The ladies there are nice and helpful but be prepared because they like to speak their mind. Often before I could even form my own opinion she would pull it out of my hand and say "oh no - no no, that just won't work"...

    Good luck though - plan to stop for a beer afterwards, it's a mentally exhausting few hours. I went back for a second mini session to change a few things because I have at least a month or two of time to second guess myself and make changes :|