Friday, March 16, 2012

Current Upgrade Choices.

Here are the picks so far....Rite-Rug and Guardian are still weeks away (and I'm glad).
  • Crawl Foundation
  • Elevation C partial stone
  • Sideload Garage
  • Morning Room w / side windows
  • Wood Deck
  • Bonus Room w / closet
  • Kitchen Peninsula (Granite)
  • Kitchen Island (Granite)
  • Maple Cognac 42" Cabinets
  • Hardwood floor in kitchen, morning room, foyer
  • Cabinet Crown Moulding
  • Stainless steel appliances  ( no fridge)
  • Add side window to study
  • Alternate shower upgrade, the one with the bench!
  • First floor front bedroom
  • Ceramic Surround bathrooms
  • Double bowl vanity in each bathroom
  • Cherry Bordeaux vanities in bathrooms
  • Attic Storage ( they tell me 192 sq feet)
  • Oak Banister stairwell
  • Recessed kitchen lighting
  • Ceiling fan rough-ins in every major room
  • Light Fixture for morning room
  • Laundry tubs: 1 in garage, 1 in laundry room
  • Tankless Water Heater (which I don't really want, but not downgradeable).
Uncertainties include:
  • Delete Fireplace. 
  • Should I waste money to finish the drywall in the Garage?  $590 for a couple pieces of drywall.
  • Carpet upgrade worth it? They get ya' on these!
  • Padding upgrade?
  • Where do I want extra electrical outlets?
  • Cable TV outlets. Anyone know what they charge for additional ones? 
  • Extra hosebib? I like having one on the side of the house by the garage.
  • Resilient flooring? Maybe in laundry room?


  1. While you are waiting for your flooring appointment, here is a website that another blogger posted that will give you a good idea of some of the offerings that Ryan has: Disclaimer: not all items shown will be available in your community and there are others that are available that aren't shown. It allows you to put selections together and gives you some idea of what you like before you go to your appointment. I wish I would have found that site before our multiple Rite Rug visits :)

  2. Hey - glad to see another NC home to follow. I'm building (or will be) in Cornelius. My blog here:

    We're at pretty similar phases right now - which seems to just be a lot of dreaming, worrying, stressing and second guessing...

    Best of luck!

  3. Welcome Stuart, there is no feeling like this, good luck...your selections sound great! --Ericka

  4. Do they offer medicine cabines or cabinets over the commodes?
    Bump out for extra garage room?

  5. No and no. I will buy the medicine cabinets from Timberlake on my own.

    1. I was told that Timberlake only sells to builders. Have you heard otherwise?

  6. In my current home I had the builder hook me up with a third party who sold them to me after closing. I plan to go that route again. I am confident I got ripped off on the price but like you said, you can't walk into a store and get them. It amazes me that they are not offered as an upgrade. I don't like the mirrored or aftermarket ones. I want the matching ones for the vanities.