Saturday, June 22, 2013

Now for some yard work (before and after).

I've been giving the yard some TLC lately. Unlike the molding work, I'm doing all this labor myself. Here's the "Before" picture.

And now, the "After" pictures. 
That's 3 yards of crushed red brick nuggets.  

I love my Gorilla Dump Cart.  Go to Lowes and get one. You can thank me later.

Preparing the beds for the bricks.

You can see the bags of pine straw I had to rake out of the beds. That's only half of the bags. Interestingly I was able to give away the used pine straw on craigslist within an hour.

I lined the walkway with edger bricks to keep the  brick nuggets at bay.

Now that the brick mulch is in place, time for some plants.

These are whiskey barrels from Costco. They are made of plastic.
 $17 a piece is a great price for pots this large.

Myles is supervising me while mowing the backyard.

47 bags of pine bark mulch for the perimeter of the yard. The dogs wore out most of the original mulch running back and forth chasing the neighbor's dog.

This spot is shaded most of the days so these impatiens are going to be very happy.

View from the home office.

Audrey is airborne.

Added Cypress mulch to the tree. Also stuck 2 more whiskey barrels full of impatiens in the shady corner. Did I mention 47 bags of pine bark mulch?!


  1. 47 bags are you crazy, why didnt you go get a couple yards?? I bet bags were a fortune.

    Looking great! I love your backyard how cozy it runs into woods, its perfect.

  2. It looks great! Who did you trees?

    1. Sorry I never saw this comment. They were done by AAtexlawns.